Clunking noise when driving off

I suspect that it happens at higher speeds but just cannot be heard. Symptoms: Clunks when turning the wheel slowly while pulling out of a parking spot in reverse. Anyone have any ideas? It also happens when backing out of the driveway turning the wheel then accelerating forward. When I turn off the engine I get a loud clunk just as the motor comes to rest. I have a clunking noise coming from the front end of my audi a3 2. Best way to check: If you know where it will make the noise and before the bump apply the brakes. My truck only has 25, 000 k on it and this is what happenend. This goes away with driving, but only takes a quick cleaning and visual The knocking noise mentioned earlier is caused by the brake pads rattling in the  Loud clunk when stopping hard and accelerating after the clunk Recently at Sounds definitely like the left (driver) side and I have driven down the I did what you recommended with the left tire off the ground and the right  A 'Knocking or Clunking Noise When Driving' Inspection can cost between $60- $120~. It appears after I've driven a mile or 2. After a while they will make a more constant noise. Apr 30, 2018 "Many car owners drive in blissful ignorance of unusual sounds for fear of . If the bolts are loose, the clunk will happen and will warp the bushing and you need to replace it. It is also helpful to figure out when the sound occurs. truck driving off road If the clunk happens while driving over a bump it could be a ball joint connected to your steering knuckle. Low-pitch humming under the car. and was making a clunking noise on every bump and start off. It only happens on take off after starting the engine up. Only noticable at low speeds- <10mph. The only thing thats moves me away from this is the noise and clunk is very prominent and i would not think a ball joint would cause this. A-Arm bushings, subframe bushings. Car Makes Noise When Turning: The Main Causes When a vehicle creates whining, groaning, or creaking sound at the time of taking a curve on the road, it indicates to something serious. If so try driving at that speed in a different gear. Loud bang. While a number of problems can occur in the transfer case  May 1, 2015 Clunking. Have a clunking noise under the front end when driving and hitting small bumps. NO clunk when turning the wheel with the car still. My car is making a clunking noise when I put it in drive or reverse? I own a 1995 Geo Prizm it has high mileage however in the last few weeks it has started making a clunking noise when I put the car in drive or reverse or when I am at a red light and press on the gas I can hear it clunk sometimes. I've heard of axle wrap and other noises, but I'm not sure if mine is the same as the other complaints I have seen on here. with no play detected. If your vehicle clunks while driving over bumps or pot holes If you put off this necessary maintenance for too long the noise could  The noise is best described as a knocking or clunking sound, and the noise lessens (or maybe disappears) when I turn the wheel away from  Jan 22, 2018 Those were not “this noise is driving me nuts” issues. Cycling on and off every few minutes while parked is not, unless you're constantly checking your Tesla app, waking up the car each time. Also if you tap the gas pedal while coasting through town to keep it moving it will clunk too. Diagnosing A Clunk. Worn wheel bearings can create a humming/howling sound when they start to fail, that gets more intense at higher speeds. I lifted my car and looked underneath at the axle shaft and see no signs of rips or leaks. Damaged or broken ball joints. What does affect the noise is an uneven road and the noise is much more pronounced when cornering right. My girlfriend has a Rogue SL 2 wheel drive and her and I have noticed a "clunk" noise that seems to be coming from the CVT transmission. It has always done that. 02 Kia Rio here, been experiencing a front end clunk from the suspension I believe. I get this clunking/popping noise as I turn the wheel (most noticable when car is first driven in the morning)does it rolling or sitting still so its not a CV joint. Struts and strut mounts are newnoise continued. I have an 02 edge 700 when I let off the gas and am slowing down, there is maybe a slight clunking noise, almost like as the sled is winding down. I've been dealing with this noise for a long time. For example, the potential for a driveline clunk would be greater in a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle than a 2-wheel drive vehicle. I would only hear it on some minor pot holes, or entering my drive way. The sound comes from the front. Flapping. The clunk/thunk (often a double-clunk) noises are the high voltage contactors opening or closing when the car "wakes up". Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Damaged or broken shock absorbers. Heat shields are metal plates along the exhaust system of your car that deflect heat away from the floor of your vehicle and other heat-sensitive components like fuel tanks, wiring, and brake lines. The truck doens't even have 50,000 miles on it, and has been used to pull a 16 ft enclosed for lawn care. . With the wheels off the ground and turning the steering wheel back and forth I think I can get it to clunk. I inspected the exhaust and checked the drive shaft, everything's tight. Had new tires installed about a year ago at a tire/brakes place. Driving slower and over small cracks on the road or bumps you feel metal on metal sound and it sounds bad like you are going to loose the front end. Brake caliper - immediately stop driving and inspect your brake caliper for loose and missing caliper bolts. Breaking hard, driving normally or accelerating doesn't cause this either. While these noises may be a symptom of some different issues, all are usually related to a suspension component that has failed. Mar 29, 2006 Plus, who wants to drive a vehicle that sounds like it's about to drop to the pavement If you hear a clunk when the suspension works over bumps, the Also, their mounting points on the frame have been known to rust away,  If this is 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, Mitsubishi calls it All Wheel If this is front wheel drive only, then it could be that an exhaust pipe is  Jan 3, 2019 If your car is making a knocking noise when driving over bumps, here are five . STOP DRIVING IMMEDIATELY. Loose or damaged body mounts. These common car noises can spell trouble and cost a lot of money, especially if ignored. It doesn't happen when taking off from traffic lights or any stopping during driving. Day before yesterday, I was driving around, and all of a sudden there is a very loud clunking noise. I mentioned the clunking noise to them, and they disregarded it. ) Wheel Bearing Hum. clunking noise from back end bmw x3 when driving slowly or turning around a corner a clunk happens at the rear end - BMW X3 Series question Search Fixya Press enter to search. (Page 1 of 2) The 2003 Chevrolet Silverado has 10 problems reported for clunking noise when accelerating. I need help diagnosing a clunking sound I get at low speed traveling over rough or bumpy Also, this sound goes away at higher speeds and on smooth roads. I only hear it on the driver front. It sounds like it's coming from the right rear wheel. I too, have that loud "clunking" noise when I'm making left hand turns over It's a loud "CLUNK" when you have it in gear and about to drive off. If any suddenly becomes part of your everyday driving experience, it's time Clunking when braking: A brake caliper or other hardware is Hissing or sizzling under the hood: Heard when the engine is first shut off, something is leaking. Grinding manual transmission when shifting. It really feels like something is loose. when taking off from a stop i get a clunk noise from the rear end. Spent several hours under the car but nothing obvious appears to be wrong. It doesn't happen every time, but very often; especially under hard(ish) acceleration off the line. com : Car complaints, car problems and Pretty much what the topic says. Transmission fluid is needed to provide sufficient lubrication, in order to allow the process of shifting gears to occur smoothly. A humming, grinding or hissing car noise can end up costing you. Low or too old transmission fluid will not provide proper lubrication and cooling for the various components and will lead to hard shifting and the accompanying clunking noises. I have been reading your conversation and ive done most things to rectifiy my problem . A few weeks ago, a noise started, king of a clinking, like there was a rock rolling around in the hubcap. Otherwise, over 25mph, you don't hear a thing, regardless if the road is flat or bumpy. So I own a 03 chevy cavalier with the 2. Re: Clunk noise. I do have Swift springs installed, I highly doubt it has anything to do with it. If it happens in every gear it could be an axle or bearing in your suspension. The contact maneuvered the vehicle to the side of the road and then the vehicle was towed to an authorized dealer. Compare and book with Australia's largest network of mechanics. I have about 8K on my truck and I only notice this "clunk" noise when I am taking off from a stop. I have also noticed that it is possible to rock the engine forward and backwards slightly. When I turn my wheel slowly back and forth I get a clunk clunk noise, but it's not regular, it won't always do it in the same spot, and sometimes when I'm taking off from a dead stop without turning the wheel it will go do the clunking sound serval times irregularly. It sounds like a metal clicking noise. Clunking noises that happen when you drive your car over bumps could be from the following: Worn or damaged struts. The clunking should be easy to replicate by bouncing the front left corner of the car, or if more force is required, standing on the driver door sill and bouncing up and down. The noise is an intermittent clunk which is not felt through the steering wheel. Scion xB 2nd-Gen Owners Lounge - Clunk noise when slowing Oh, and by the way, I just started having a loud roaring noise come from the driver side . There are a few noises you might hear after you shut off your vehicle  My Macan makes a clunking noise when i turn into my drive as the I,ve just bought a November 2016 Macan Diesel S and when I drive away,  Are you hearing a squeal, clunk, or clank? When an old serpentine belt snaps, drive torque to all of the engine's accessories is lost and you're left, well…”up the creek” Don't delay—this is a sound you want to get checked out right away! The driver then has the luxury of using rear-wheel drive on the road, and four- wheel drive off-road. If you can have someone do that for you, you can feel for a pop or thud in the strut mount as the noise is made. The reservoir is still full. When I hit a bump I hear a noise as well. When I'm at a dead stop or just barely moving, something makes a clunking noise in the rear end of the car. Worn or damaged control arms. Clunking or knocking noises can be very disconcerting for any driver to hear while The mechanic will begin by lifting the front of the vehicle off the ground and  Dec 8, 2016 If you drive over bumps and hear a clunking sound, there is a good Look underneath to see if any parts to the vehicle has broken off. It appears to be comming from the back half of the car. I have replaced the streering rack + track rod arms, also ive change the top mount on the drivers side because thats where the noise is coming from. I'm hearing some clunking noise, more of a hollow noise similar to a sound of a someone tapping a blue box recycling bin. Thump/Clunk noise right before complete stop was created by pugtor Ok, so as the title says, I have this thump/clunk sound (and I haven't met a mechanic yet who apparently knows what I mean when I say this) right before the car comes to that complete "stop". 0 when going below 30 mph, and the clunking noise does not happen when the clutch is depressed, it is probably a problem with the flywheel. Sometimes clunk when taking off from dead stop. Talk about driving me crazy. I was getting no clicking or clunking when going over bumps at all, only when putting drive to the wheels. When supercharging every few minutes there is a short clunking noise, similar to steping on a metal can. It does not clunk while driving or braking or slowing down: only right after the ignition is turned off. This is a discussion on Clunking sound on hard take off within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i have a 1998 cama ss and ive bought it back in september for 1000 due to body work and I have been noticing a 'clunk' feeling/noise when transitioning between slowing down and speeding up. First is the overload leaf smacking the rest of the pack when you punch it and torque from the engine causes the axle to try and turn the springs into an "S" the overload fights this motion and can cause a clunk. 8 zetec [petrol] and when i start the engine and drive away at about 12mph a clunk is heard from under the car , this only happens the once untill i turn the engine off. Can sometimes feel slight vibration on foot when the rattling noise happens. A damaged parking pawl can cause this clunking sound that you've described. Hear clunking noise from left front end driver side over bumps at low speed. Left wheel examined by mech. Sometimes the noise will start right away and next time I might have to drive for  May 27, 2009 A humming, grinding or hissing car noise can end up costing you. Clunking or knocking noises can be very disconcerting for any driver to hear while they are going down the road. I have a clunking/banging noise coming from the front drivers side of my car. I have read Clunking Noise When Engaging Reverse or Drive [Archive] - Volvo XC Forums The clunk noise that owners sometimes hear may be the result of a buildup of freeplay (lash) between the components in the driveline. The car suspension was checked by a Ford dealer and found to be OK. When a suspension component has failed, the ride or the vehicle may be altered. If there is a clunking noise on a 1991 Firebird Formula 5. But if I tap the brakes while slowing down and I take my foot off the  Sep 26, 2018 Owners of Mercedes-Benz cars with front-wheel drive and 4x4 vehicles, may complain of a single throttle lift-off clunking noise from the side  Mar 28, 2016 Learn the differences between a clunk, rattle and squeal. Look there first. It's happening all the time, including on smooth roads. in the center of the underbody underneath the driver/passenger seat. This is when most force is suddenly put on the engine and the mounts. them entirely and driven while sitting on a milk crate to take them out of the picture and  Underbody Clunking/Knocking Noise. If you lift it the noise will become louder. It just seemed to spring up over-night. Just for fun, even though this sound wasn't occuring while driving over rough roads, I also replaced the hood washers described in the other post and it did nothing to alleviate the clunk/pop sound. Since having my tires changed, I've been hearing a clunking sound from what sounds like the back driver side of my car. This failure is rare, but happened to me and is potentially life threatening should your caliper fall off the hub spider. the bonnet: You'd usually hear this when you switch the car off. Has anyone experienced the same thing, and what is the problem / cost to fix. Manual gearbox. Taking left-hand corners does not cause the noise unless the road is very uneven. but as soon as i start the engine again and drive away it will do it every time . Sometimes clunk when slowing down to a stop. 0 tdi. Another possible cause is a bad u-joint on the driveshaft. help. Clunking noise when shifting from park to drive. Average repair cost is $1,200 at 61,500 miles. After ther tie rod ends were replaced the car continued to make the same clunking sounds when hitting any irregular spots in the road so loud now it was audible from the inside of the car and the outside of the car as well. It sounds like metal on metal ands it's loud enough to hear it with music on low volumes. The video is from under the Jeep. Hi, I have a question. or anything else that was not happening before. A car that is in good running condition should not make a clunking noise. if you can hear any clunking noise or signs of unusual amounts of play. The noise only occurs at a gentle take-off and/or slow driving speeds on a 'bumpy' road. Hissing or sizzling under the hood. It's normal to hear it right after you unlock the car. The noise is directly associated with how fast the tires are spinning. Usually, she starts the car in the garage and pulls out forward (the car is backed into the garage at night). It doesnt happen every time, but close to when taking off from a stop i get a clunk noise from the rear end. Car is dirty ass fuck inside and out, but she seems to be running good aside of this noise I keep hearing. Any ideas on what this may be . The trick is knowing which sounds you can brush off as innocuous racket—like that  Steering wheel noise could be coming from a lot of different places. Hi, I have a clunking noise from my toyota driver front side. The thing i cant understand about it is that i can only hear it when going slow (under about 5miles/hr), i normally hear it when rolling up to traffic lights or taking off again. It doesn't happen every time and I have noticed it when the wheels are straight as well as when they are turned. Could this be a faulty engine/ gearbox mount? Car is 18 months old and 10k miles. i was getting embarassedafter all a gorgeous car like a Charger shouldn't be At low speeds - 10 mph or less - there is a clunking sound that seems to be coming from under the hood near center of the car. If you or other drivers of your car are in somewhat of a hurry and you engage the transmission into park while the car is still moving, you can damage this parking pawl. Dec 8, 2016 If you drive over bumps and hear a clunking sound, there is a good Look underneath to see if any parts to the vehicle has broken off. Chevrolet said I hear a short clunking noise just after taking off. This noise only comes when the brakes are applies softly, just enough to slow the car down. The car actually wonders on the motorway so I am taking it easy at the moment. Average repair cost is $920 at 39,600 miles. Lubricating the parts could help temporarily but they are likely to fail eventually if you don’t work on a fix. Noise heard when driving very slowly over bumps or uneven pavement and also somewhat when decelerating from high speed and coasting to a stop on smooth road. 2015 sierra denali 6. Just replaced mine and the exact noise and conditions you describe are gone. not exactly sure if it's the same as when driving over the lawn. 4L Turbo and Dual Dry Clutch Transmission. A car making a clunking noise could have one or more of a number of problems, including problems with the transmission, exhaust system or wheel bearings. i have 2010 1. How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth Driveline Clunk,Noise Diagnosis/YOUR SUPPORT HELPS 🤗 Welcome to Vegas RoManiac Channel 🤔 U Ever wondered what I use when I ride or fix my bike !? 🤨 😍 I ride on this Knobby REAR TIRE - https://amzn. If the sound does not happen in another gear then it is most likely a transmission problem. Any help would be appreciated. It starts at the transfer case and then down to the rear axle. Then if the car is parked up for a couple of hours then I drive it and hit a pot hole or uneven road, again it then sets the noise off. The sound also similar to me knocking on the inside wheel well of the front wheels. Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this noise. Clunking noise when you turn the steering wheel while driving The noise will be either the universal joint on the steering column or a component in the steering rack or outer tie rod ends, get someone to sit in the car and move the wheel slightly left and right and have a look and you will be able to see and hear where the noise is coming from Car is an 18' Civic Type-R About two weeks ago I noticed I hear a clunking noise whenever I turn the wheel and go over an imperfection on the road, speed bump or anything along those lines. to/2MQm5lM Sort of a clunking noise on front driver side wheel So I had to bust a Repo move on my own car from my baby mama after a long year. Clunk noise with each standing still take-off. While driving I also notice that the clunking almost goes away if I'm just giving it enough fuel to keep the speed steady / or just slight increasing the speed. Yes powertrain mounts for th engine and transmission can likely be worn at this age on the car but that would cause noise when you press on and off the accelerator thus causing the engine and transmission to literally jump around in the engine bay as they force the worn mounts to the limit. 6. If a person pushes the gas and brake pedal at the same time causing a car to make a clunking noise, that is an indication I have a clunking/banging noise coming from the front drivers side of my car. The driver's side ball joint boot is torn. It mostly goes away if I turn left or right and totally goes away when I give the wheels engine power or when I brake. Have noticed any performance probs. The first winter i drove the car it would make a consistent loud clicking noise while i was driving - i had the drive shaft and CV joints look at and i replaced one CV joint at that time. At about 18000 miles it developed a clunking noise in the drive train when upshifting from 2nd to 3rd gear and when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. clunking is more likely to be some kind of bushing. Clunking in the front end finally fixed. Any sound when turning a corner. When I set off or slow down. So I try to slowly drive it back (on side streets) and it's making the clunk noise constantly and consistently. And the sound moves the same speed as the wheel speed, car slows down, the noise does, speeds up, so does the noise. It is best to stop the car fully before you put your vehicle into park. clunk sound when I let off gas pedal in town? I have noticed when I roll into town and let off the gas the car will make a clunk sound. How to fix your car when it rattles with the engine   In the last few days noticed a clonking/knocking noise when the clutch pedal is . As you steer one way, the bearings can seat and everything sounds normal, front end clunking noise solved - 2012 sorento Have had a clunking noise coming from front driver side for longer than I'd like to admit. For several months now there has been a clanking noise from the engine bay/front suspension when setting off from stationary. It feels like it is loose or something is moving or shifting. Doesnt seem to be any play doing the 9 and 3 oclock wheel test (tie rods feel OK) My guess is one of 3 things. Make sure the nut and bolt to the lower control arm is really tighten . CarComplaints. It's very difficult to hear in noisy environments such as at the Holden service centre. If a person pushes the gas and brake pedal at the same time causing a car to make a clunking noise, that is an indication It drives fine, but recently I have been hearing a clunking noise (two or three clunks) somewhere in the rear of the car AFTER I turn the car off. I think it is coming from the driver's side, but it I could be wrong. Clunk noise when driving slowly or when coming to a full stop This is a discussion on Clunk noise when driving slowly or when coming to a full stop within the Dodge Dart General Discussion forums, part of the Dodge Dart Forum - Dodge Dart Discussion category; I drive a 2013 Dodge Dart SXT with a 1. If your car makes noise when accelerating A heat shield noise is a type of rattle you hear while your car is idling, or at a specific engine speed or RPM. It is a single clunk noise, not multiple. . Sep 18, 2015 If your car gives off a consistent whooshing noise when under throttle . Like the previous posts stated, any noise like that can be associated with a number of steering and suspension linkage wear, but it is most likely the sway bar bushings. Could be many things, ball joints usually make clunking noises (usually one when turning and one when turning the wheel from turning), cv joints usually make a clicking noise and vibrate under load. 2 ecotec, 195k miles, and for about a month now when I shift from park to drive (automatic transmission) I can her a bunch of clunking sounds, sounding like gears locking in place or something, same thing happens when I'm at a dead stop, and accelerate, clunking noise I just finished dealing with your exact issue. Front end noise when driving on uneven surfaces, Sounds are clanking, metal hitting metal, something loose needs tightening or about to fall off. My 2011 Toyota Prius makes a clunk noise when I turn back and forth at low speeds, usually under 18 mph but when I drive at higher speeds the clunk noise goes away when I turn my steering wheel left and right. The contact stated that while driving approximately 50 mph, a loud clunking noise emitted from the rear of the vehicle. Car is an 18' Civic Type-R About two weeks ago I noticed I hear a clunking noise whenever I turn the wheel and go over an imperfection on the road, speed bump or anything along those lines. One of the most common reasons a transmission will make clunking noises when shifting is because it has run low on transmission fluid and lacks the lubrication to keep shifting smoothly. My 2000 Jetta GLS is producing a clunking/knocking sound from the front end (possibly left-front) ONLY while coasting and going straight. I recently replaced my front-left control arm due to a thrashed rear bushing. Could part of the rack be clunking? Yanking and pulling on everything from under the car, all looked tight. The first step to determining what is causing the sound is to isolate where the sound is coming from. When the rear of my truck goes over bumps it makes a rattle/clunking noise but I can't find where it is coming from. Does your car make the noise (engine off) if you push on its fender or trunk and force Clunking noises that happen when you drive your car over bumps could be from the following: Worn or damaged struts. It starts clunking/banging, and then gets progressively louder. Ideas please!! I have a clunking/banging noise coming from the front drivers side of my car. Whether your car has clunks Blog · Contact. We also have had a Model S 3 years and never heard this sound with it. Worn or damaged leaf spring shackles. If loose at all the sound will happen. Sounds like its coming from drivers side. Could also be a strut or strut bearing or a ball joint. There is no seal in the transfer case that will prevent the greases from migrating into the transfer case and mixing with the special AutoTrac II fluid. The 2007 Chevrolet HHR has 23 problems reported for clunking noise when going over bumps. This clunking sound occurs at low speeds and with quick on/off throttle inputs. Clunking sound on hard take off. When I'm driving slow around town and I let off the gas and press on the gas I get a rear end clunking noise. Slow speed loud clunk from the front driver side wheel. If you don’t know what you’re doing About a week ago I started hearing this noise coming from the front end, a clicking sound like as if someone put a baseball card in the spokes of a bike wheel. Before that, the noise is just not there, car sounds fine. Occurs when driving over bumps, very noticeable at low speeds. It is an automatic transmission. I hear it when I turn the steering wheel left and right, or if I roll over medium to large bumps - like a speed bump. when standing or walking along side the car while somebody else is driving is very hard to hear the noise if at all (at least in my case). There's nothing in the trunk. CV joints have a tendency to “click” when they are going bad, when turning. "Tunk" or "Clunk" noise only when braking. The sound is coming from the front near the starter motor. The seal is only to keep fluid out, not out. It sounds like it's the rear end itself, like it's When listening to the noise from inside the car, it does appear to be coming from the central area of the engine compartment, but it's not, it's coming from the top strut bearing. Knocking from the engine compartment. Again, this only seems to occur while driving at slow speeds (less than 20mph) and when I first get on the brakes, there is no sound if I'm simply Day before yesterday, I was driving around, and all of a sudden there is a very loud clunking noise. It sounds as if it is on the drivers side. It also makes the noise if the car is off and i move the steering wheel there is a clunk type noise. Here are some common issues when a car’s transmission makes clunking noises. It is most noticeable with creep off and moving slowly through a parking lot (a lot of letting go and pressing of the accelerator). Does not appear to be the exhaust system either as all the hangers are in tact. When I turn off the engine it clunks. If grease gets to the transfer case clutches it can problems. When the fluid level is too low or the fluid is too old, proper cooling and lubrication becomes difficult. Only after restarting the engine. Feb 27, 2018 If you're hearing weird noises from your car, it's usually a sign that When this happens, you may hear noises — squeaking, rattling, clunking, groaning and Stop driving immediately, call your mechanic and get your brakes fixed. Had our model 3 5 weeks. 2 4WD has started getting a loud clunking noise when put in reverse. It only happens when the car is cold. Clunking when braking. I replaced the passenger's side upper bushings and crush-tube, the bolts and nuts for both sides (LH & RH) and the passenger's side lower nut. A tell-tale sign to distinguish bearing noise from tire noise is to turn the wheel at speed, in kind of a “gentle swerving” motion. The sound ,sounds like a large wrench bang against the side of the motor. Its a single knock when letting off the gas or when punching the gas. When driving first thing in a morning it's fine but as soon as I hit a pot hole or some really uneven road then it sets the clunking/knocking noise off for the rest of the day. It just about always seems to be 3 clunks, one right after the other. The "clunk" sounds like someone hitting a piece of metal with a hammer. Twenty five MPH and a small bump like hitting a manhole cover is all it takes. It sounds like something heavy is banging a wheel. The click starts off just in first gear when pulling off, and as time goes on and it gets worse sometimes you can hear it when changing to 2nd too. It feels like play between some gears or driveshaft. clunking noise when driving off

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