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Beautiful mehndi designs bridal
Here you will find amazing mehndi designs What can we say about this design, it looks simple, elegant and its easy. if your a attending a ceremony then its the best choice for you. It is the latest trend among youth to apply different designs on different hands and at the...

Effective precautions during exposure of sunlight

Even in the event that you take precautions, excessive exposure to sunlight can make a sunburn to your skin. Apply a soothing moisturiser in your...

Best and Easy Nail art designs try at home

Every Girl and women love to try new things to beautify themselves, Nail art is one of them. We are looking for so many...

Benefits of applying mustard oil to your skin

By applying mustard oil to your skin which turns body weather and it gets cooler, drier turns. To provide body and your skin the...

French Braid Twisted Bun Hair style in Telugu

Sampradaaya, Paashchaatya vedukalaku rendintiki nappe style edi. A tara ha vastra dharana kaina sarigga suit avutundi. Vesukovadam kooda chaala suluvu. Potti Juttu kala varu...

క్రౌన్ బ్రైడ్ హెయిర్ స్టైల్ డిజైన్

అలంకరణలో మగువకు మగువే సాటి . నిజానికి మహిళా అలంకరణకు కేటాయించే సమయం అంత ఇంత కాదు. హెయిర్ ని పాయలుగా తీసుకొని జడ అల్లుకోవడం, మోడల్ గా పెట్టుకోవడం, హెయిర్ బ్యాండ్...

Amazing Mehndi Desings by Anjali

Amazing Mehndi Desings by Anjali

Water Fall Bride Style in Telugu

Prathi yuvathi EE rojullo Andanga kana pada lani korukuntundi andu kani manchi manchi dresses veyallanukuntundi. Kaani Dress tho paatu manchi model jadalaku pradhanyam ivvali. Eppati...
I am a Fashion designer & Beautician speciailist from india, dreaming to make fashionladki a huge brand, and i promise you to give my best work is as controversial, and as influential, as traditional art.
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