Best and Easy Nail art designs try at home


Every Girl and women love to try new things to beautify themselves, Nail art is one of them. We are looking for so many tutorial to try nail arts at home but we found few so here we are providing you a simple and step by step nail art designs which you can able to try at home.

Here in this post we provide the best and Easiest way to apply nail art designs at home,

Cliff Nail Art:

This Cliff nail art is very simple and easily applied on your nails at home. For those who are beginners to learn nail art this is the correct design you can try. To try this you don’t need any extra tools. Below images are describing a specific colours but you can choose as your wish.


Pastel blue nail polish, White nail polish, Pastel coral nail polish.


  • First of all you have to wash and clean your nails thoroughly, and after that you have to apply a base coat to protect your nails.

  • Next you should use pastel blue colour to draw a vertical line on one corner, and leave some space completely empty near the cuticle.

  • Now draw and paint from the centre and a little lower.

  • Create the last line, again lower. You should have like below image.

  • Repeat these steps but starting from below the blue.
  • Do the same thing with the pastel coral nail polish.

  • Seal this with a top coat and you are done!