Mehndi Designs


Here you will find amazing mehndi designs

Mehndi designs
Beautiful black mehndi designs

What can we say about this design, it looks simple, elegant and its easy. if your a attending a ceremony then its the best choice for you.

It is the latest trend among youth to apply different designs on different hands and at the same time look beautiful and trendy.

Mehandi designs
Beautiful mehndi designs collection

Getting Engaged!?, if so this design is for you, its looks stylish and at the same time simple and you can show your engagement ring in style.

Mehandi design
Beautiful henna designs for brides

We call it a design for brides, its covers completely your hands and gives you a royal look in your wedding attire.

Mehndi designs
Beautiful mehndi designs for left hand

Isn’t this looking exotic and simple?

Mehndi designs
Beautiful mehndi designs for fingers

Are you a working professional and wants to apply mehndi, then the above mehndi design is your best bet.

Mehndi designs
Beautiful arabic mehndi designs legs

These design is very good for brides

Bridal Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs
Arabic mehandi designs for left hand

We feel that the above mehndi designs look good only in the black mehndi, avoid using it if your using normal henna paste (red mehndi).

Mehndi designs
Arabic mehandi designs
Mehndi designs
Arabic mehandi designs 2016
Mehandi designs
Arabic mehandi designs for hands step by step
Mehandi designs
Arabic mehndi designs black
mehandi designs 2017
Arabic mehndi designs stylish and trendy
mehandi designs images free download
Arabic mehendi designs for hands and legs
mehandi designs arabic
Arabic mehandi designs for fingers
mehandi designs arabic style easy
simple mehandi designs easy

Mehndi Design for Kids

mehandi designs arabic simple
Simple BabyMehndi designs
mehandi designs bridal 2017
Pakistani Mehe ndi designs simple
mehandi designs beautiful
Bridal mehendi designs latest
mehandi designs basic
Bridal mehandi designs 2015 arabic

About Mehndi Designs

Every women will owe for the fact that without mehndi their ethnic dressing is incomplete. Mehndi is not just the style thing but it is considered to bring fortune. Mendhika is the root word for the Mehndi which is derived from sanskrit.

Lawsonia Inermis is the scientific name of the mehndi plant and it is found most commonly in the Indian household. Most of the arab’s are also fond of the applying mehndi. We have to admit that the culture is first started from Arabian Peninsula, but we indians opted it well. Now in india, you can even see separte programs like mehndi ke rasam in the marriage, shows its importance.

Actually, Henna is a paste of the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis (Mehndi Tree) which when applied becomes Mehndi.

Prepartion of Henna (Mehndi) :

1) Take some of the leave and stems from the plant

2) Grind the leaves and stems in order to make it a powder

3) One have to use a strainer in order to remove chunks from the clog

4) Add 60ml of lemon juice and whisk it into a thick substance

5) some people do add sugar and some essential oils in order to make it silky smooth

6) Leave it for a day or so, once the dye gets separted and comes to the surface add some lemon juice again to get some kinda of stickyness

7) Now your mehndi is ready you can pour the paste in a cone and use it 🙂

Most of the people prefer Readymade henna instead of making paste for themselves, which can save one’s time but most of them use some chemicals like PPD which are harmful to your skin.

Wash your hands with a good soap so as to remove some oil or dust from the hands. You can also add some lotion if your skin is oil so as to get good colour. FDA doesn’t recommened to use mehndi directly on the skin because it can cause rashes. In the US, many use it just a hair dry, we highly recommend our users to try it first on a patch of the skin before applying. Stay away from the sticker mehndi’s and tattoo which are available they can cause serious skin damages. As we have said before try to use our own homemade paste instead of readymade. Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) is present in mehndi cones, which is also present in the ink catridges of your printers. So, its best to stay away from unnatural products. We are aware of the fact the readymade cone gives you best dark color but we can’t risk our health for the desire.

In the Arab World, they also use black mehndi along for some of the arabic mehndi designs, which looks stunning in black. Most of the indians do prefer red mehndi and natural over the black one. But now we can see the trend is changining.

Muslim Women are very fond of mehndi desings. On the occasions Like Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha we see muslim familes gather in each others home and apply mehndi on their hands making the festivals more colorful. It is a know fact that all cannot apply mehndi so some even call mehndi artists to get their desired design done. On the Occasions like Eid most of the women prefer arabic or pakistani designs as they look simple and beautiful.

There is a custom in hindu households and some of the muslims, that before mehndi ceremony the mother-in-law should be the first one who would apply mehndi your hands. It’s quite funny but the girls like to get tease others by saying if one’s mehndi gets very dark then one will get a good and caring husband.



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